Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Available!

It's weird to be a free man once again. Just left Tom's Guide, where I've been for a year, and I'm almost completely on my own now save for a few writing gigs I freelance at regularly. This same exact thing happened two years ago come October, when Gameworld Network officially closed down while I was the Hardware Manager. The only difference is that when GWN shut down, I was really bummed. When I became free of Tom's Guide, I felt good. Lighter, even.

Of course, I'm also now on a much lower pay-grade, and with such horrible timing pending the iPhone 4's imminent release, considering my desire for testing new tech. With the iPhone 4, I'm really looking for a phone that can easily replace my need for a point and shoot...while still remaining an excellent phone. Some phones have had excellent cameras, like the Palm Pre and Nokia N900...but the phones themselves were still lacking in comparison to the iPhone.

To make my life even clearer, I plan on finishing this final iPad article and all my E3 previews this week, doing some extra late spring cleaning and getting rid of a ton of crap collected over the past year, possibly catch up on a few games I missed (Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Alan Wake, for starters), and working on a few projects I've been holding off until I earned myself some free time.

That said, I'm also freely available for writing purposes, be it journalistically or otherwise, in tech or videogames. I don't think I'll be actively looking for work unless an amazing opportunity presents itself, but I'm a sucker for interesting projects.