Monday, April 11, 2011

iPhone 5 production starting in September?

I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon early. I had the original iPhone, and now have the 3GS. For the past nine months I've wanted an iPhone 4, but have been stuck in my contract and couldn't get a good deal. The iPhone 5 was supposed to put me back in front of the curve.

Or so I thought. Rumors of the iPhone 5 arriving holiday season 2011 to match the Verizon iPhone release may leave current AT&T iPhone owners stuck between service contracts. According to Avian Securities, "conversations with yet another key component supplier indicates that production for iPhone 5 will begin in September." That is to say, it'll likely hit Apple stores in November.

The rumors could be true, and it does make sense. The holiday season is the best time to sell phones. 4G is quickly becoming a requirement for high-end smartphones. The obvious downside is anyone on a two-year contract will get screwed. 3GS owners would have to keep their phones for another 5-6 months and iPhone 4 owners wouldn't be able to get the upgrade unless Apple/AT&T made exceptions like they did with the iPhone 3G.

Or Apple just hates me. There's always that.

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