Monday, May 2, 2011

Scientists keep antimatter for over 16 minutes, soon we'll watch it fall up

Does antimatter fall up or down? Just how anti is it? Because heck, we don't have any of the stuff ourselves, and even if we did, not like you just take a handful and drop it. The second it touches anything, boom.

Now, the fun guys at CERN have figured out how to keep antihydrogen (that is, hydrogen of the anti-kind) on ice for 16 minutes and 40 seconds (1000 seconds), which is more than enough time to see if it falls up, down, or in any other funky direction.

Honestly I don't see how antimatter can fall up. If it did, any universe made of antimatter would need to have planets the inverse of spheres...and just thinking about that gives me a headache. What are your thoughts?

(Technology Review via Cornell)