Thursday, March 31, 2011

If AT&T is buying T-Mobile, why are these antagonistic ads still running?

News that AT&T was buying T-Mobile stirred the industry. Verizon would drop to send place, T-Mobile customers (and, well, everyone) could get the short end of the stick, and Verizon could buy Sprint, even if they don't think so just yet. Then why are we still seeing ads like this:

I just saw this ad run on TV. If you're wondering why they're still showing, and why T-Mobile is still competing in full force against their possible buyer, here's the reason: if the deal doesn't pan out, especially for legal concerns, then T-Mo will have to fight for it's life to succeed even harder than it is now. As the smallest of the tier-1 wireless providers, AT&T's buyout makes the no-metal company part of the gold-winning team. So while AT&T might see it as a loss for any customers switching from iPhones to Android devices on the smaller network, T-Mobile has a win-win opportunity, even Deutsche Telekom doesn't make a cool $39 billion.

But really, who switches from an iPhone on AT&T to Android on T-Mobile. Seriously guys, you can do better than that.