Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feeling down? Inflate that ego with fake Facebook birthdays!

I may never understand birthday cheer. As a kid, fine, but getting older means getting a little feebler, a little slower, and another year closer to doom and away from that prime youth. But sometimes even unbirthdays feel downtrodden. What are we to do?

Tell Facebook to pucker up, because it's about to mass-inbox-rape your friends with birthday cheer.

Slate genius David Poltz decided to see just how important Facebook birthdays are. Far from a true experiment (he says himself that he uses his Facebook page almost exclusively for work, not for socializing with actual friends), Poltz' findings aren't so odd. Most people sent their best regards and wishes not just the first time, but the second and third time he had a birthday, all in the span of a month. Now there's one way to feel great about yourself.

Armed with this knowledge (and the information that Facebook has no policy about constantly changing your birthday), go out into ye internet and spread false cheer! Who cares if it's for yourself or for others...everyone deserves a little happiness. And if not, it's an entertaining read nonetheless.